“Creating a relationship, regardless of the product, is key” – Joe Pulizzi.

I have often mentioned the Content Marketing Institute in recent years and Joe Pulizzi, its founder. Joe is undoubtedly one of the greatest evangelists of content marketing, having started using the term in 2001, when we were still only talking about custom publishing.

Last year Pulizzi sold the organization and withdrew to take advantage of a sabbatical year.

Recently back in the media, he gave an interview to Tony Silber from Forbes where he gave his opinion on where content marketing stands in 2018 and what brands to watch for, what trends to observe.

The whole article is aligned with what we see at Toast, both in terms of practice and brand perception of content.

The pressure on marketers for tangible results is very strong. Most content marketinginitiatives are short-term, in the form of campaigns lasting a few weeks, or a few months at best, not in terms of years as they should be.

What do brands that are successful in content do? Brands like Arrow Electronics, Kraft and General Mills focus on creating an audience of subscribers who see value in what the brand sends them.

“That’s the true power of content marketing, building loyal audiences through content and then monetizing those audiences in multiple ways,” Pulizzi adds. “The fastest growing, most innovative companies in the world are focused on building loyal audiences in this manner (Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Disney).”

I highly recommend reading Forbes’ article. Following your reading, write to me by replying to this email or on Twitter telling me what you thought.