Publishing content on your blog or content hub is a good thing. But what about leveraging even more value and revenue from it?

You’ve seen it, websites and publishers that invite you to leave your email address to download a whitepaper or case study in PDF.

We very often see this in the B2B space.

Do you use this technique to gather data on your leads and prospects? Have you even ever thought about selling your eBook on Amazon?

Ryan Biddulph, from Blogging Tips, has published an interesting article on the subject and I wanted to dive a little deeper on the actual value creation this can have.

There are two avenues that we need to cover.

  1. Publishing a downloadable PDF on your website, gated by a form asking for some information.
  2. Publishing your eBook on Amazon or other self-publishing platform.

In the first case, publishing a downloadable version of your content on your website is an extremely effective way to build your audience, gather data and email addresses (which, I keep repeating, is THE most valuable asset you can have on a person, surely beats a Facebook follower!).

By offering premium content in exchange of some information, you are qualifying potential clients, customers or ambassadors, depending on your industry.

You can even convert existing content and package it as a downloadable PDF, some people prefer printing a document and reading it offline.

You can also offer this content as an upgrade to existing content, with a checklist or Excel template.

But offering longer-form content as a printable asset is a very efficient way to attract and retain an audience.

If you want to potentially generate actual revenue from this downloadable content, you can even go with option 2 above and sell it on Amazon.

There are some guidelines you need to respect, but a 5,000- to 10,000-word document means a 30 to 45 minutes read, which is a great length for any person wanting to dive deeper into a niche subject.

There are many ways to build a loyal audience, and creating premium eBook content is a great way to do so.

Interesting in creating a premium eBook for your brand let us know and schedule a consultation with our experts at Toast today.