Whenever a brand launches their new and shiny content program, it’s all smiles and fun, until it’s not.

So you’ve just put the final touches on your content strategy and everybody is happy and smiling at the prospect of finding new ideas, writing and producing videos, watching metrics grow and rise, objectives being crushed.

But that last only so long.

Content managers need to be on the lookout of the inevitable pitfalls that will come flying in as weeks and months go by.

In a DivviHQ article, Danka Jankovic outlines four common problems that arise within content teams:

  • Lack of support: Does the team have the right tools? The right internal buy-in from management? These are essential to making sure the content engines run on all cylinders. This will be a constant element to monitor and correct when needed.
  • Unrealistic Goals and Outcomes: The metrics all point in the right direction at first, but some of them always end up having been improperly forecasted. As Ray Dalio explains in his book Principles, never hesitate to evaluate and redesign when KPIs head the wrong way.
  • Thinking There are Shortcuts to Happily Ever After: It’s a classic expression: Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t try to shortcut your way through it.
  • Silos Can Form Without Constant Communication: Content teams work horizontally, often with most of the departments in your organization. Is this reality being properly communicated and backed by management? You don’t want your content team to work by themselves without being in constant communication with internal stakeholders and experts.

Being on the lookout for these pitfalls, or any other speed bumps that might come up, is key in making sure your content program is properly set-up and monitored.

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