No strategy, no focus, no accountability.

On a regular basis, Joe Pulizzi publishes great articles on content marketing, and this week, this is one I would like to share with you.

Content marketing is definitely a hot trend right now, but it’s not new. John Deere started their custom magazine, The Furrow, back in 1895 to solve the specific problems of farmers (and is still produced today). This is believed to have been the birth of content marketing.

Over one hundred years later, it has not gotten for the better.

Namely, Pulizzi outlines three main reasons for the fact that marketers keep on pumping out bad content :

  • They don’t have a clear or realistic strategy.
  • They try to be everywhere and be everything to everyone. They lack focus.
  • It’s hard to find a company that has someone officially in charge of the company’s brand story. If no one is accountable, it’s not important.

I’ll let you read the article, it’s a quick read, but if you have time, sift through the long list of comments. There are some gems in there.