How is your video strategy?

If I asked you that question today, what would you say?

Do you produce as much video content as you would like? Does the one you produce give you convincing results? Do you feel that the distribution and deployment of it is being done optimally?

These are all questions that marketing and media executives ask themselves every day. And the importance we must attach to the distribution of our video content is not slowing down.

It is now clear, Facebook is experiencing a slowdown. Engagement rates have changed significantly over the past year, and the strategies to adopt on this platform are constantly evolving and traffic is on the decline.

On the flip side, at YouTube, everything is fine. The platform is experiencing renewed, albeit modest, growth. In fact, it is about to become the second most visited site in the United States in a few months, surpassing Facebook!

That’s not nothing.

The Facebook locomotive is slowing down and YouTube, the platform of choice for video content consumption, is gaining speed.

Even if the most recent data reveals that it is photography and images that generate the greatest engagement (and not video), your video strategy must be clear and effective.

This Hubspot article gives you a clear picture of the current situation between Facebook and YouTube, but also step back and ask yourself about your own video distribution strategy.

Are the right tools and best practices in place? Is what you anticipate this year in terms of production optimal according to the available budgets?

We can assist you in these evaluations for the implementation of an effective video strategy. Please do not hesitate to contact us.