YouTube channel AwesomenessTV acquired by Dreamworks for 33M$

Industry media outlets have been talking about this for the past couple days. The first important acquisition of a YouTube channel by a “major.”

AwesomenessTV publishes shows destined to teens and tweens on its YouTube channel (well, basically, they ARE a YouTube channel). Every week, new episodes of about fifteen series are added. Almost half a million people are following them. Shows are fairly simple in terms of production level, but they are tailored for a very specific demographic, and that’s what makes it a success.

What made AwesomenessTV so interesting to Dreamworks management? For one, they have perfected their publishing approach and their production techniques. They were able, over the past couple years, to tweak episode frequency, their duration and structure to a point where they get the most views and engagement with their target audience.

In this week’s article, caught on-the-fly in a discussion between Gabrielle Madé (CMF) and Suzanne Lortie (UQAM), you can read a great analysis of the transaction, You’ll also learn more about the who and the what of AwesomenessTV.