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Millennials can care about branded content

Millennials will care about your content, as long as you don’t do this.

Last week, I was part of a panel on how television is evolving and how brands are integrating into the production process.

One of the questions that was asked from a member of the audience was related to millennials. She asked how can brands and advertisers expect to reach millennials if they don’t watch TV. Where are they?

This is where the infographic I am sharing today struck a cord. Although it doesn’t give the recipe as to where millennials hang out, it outlines seven things that a brand must take into account before producing content for them.

Here are, in random order, seven reasons why millennials might ignore your content:

  • You completely ignored their cultural interests.
  • You decided you didn’t want to be useful or helpful.*
  • You’re self-obsessed, and therefore came across as too promotional.
  • You accidentally fired your copy-editor, and now your content is too long.
  • Your content is boring and stupid.
  • You didn’t want them to get all emotional on you.
  • You thought celebrities were your only hope.

* Those of you who have been following Toast for a while will know how much I love this one. Remember our motto about branded content: Utility and reach.

This list was created following a survey of 500 U.S. millennials. In the end, 62% found that online content does drive their loyalty to a brand. All you have to do is avoid these 7 mistakes.


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