Chatbots, ChatGPT, LLMs, these are tools that have existed for almost a decade but are now available to all. How are some brands using these to leverage their content? Let’s examine Scott Galloway’s recent endeavor.

Scott Galloway is a loud talker, holds well-defined beliefs, and has been regarded as a great thinker of our times. He is a professor, author, entrepreneur, and public speaker known for his insights on technology, markets, and business strategy. He has founded several companies throughout his career. L2 Inc., a subscription-based business intelligence firm, was one of his notable ventures, which was later acquired by Gartner.

More recently, he has hosted multiple podcasts and series, most notably Pivot (co-hosted with Kara Swisher) and “Prof G Pod.” The latter has become a hit due to its no-nonsense approach and openness to its audience: “A thrice-weekly podcast offering Scott’s fresh and irreverent perspective. Mondays episode focuses on Market news. On Wednesdays Scott answers listeners’ questions and Thursdays Scott goes deep in a conversation with a ‘blue-flame thinker’ shaping the innovation economy.”

Behind the “Prof G Pod” podcast is Prof G Media, that supports all of Galloway’s content initiatives (books, conferences, podcasts, newsletters, etc.).

Why are we discussing Scott Galloway’s content endeavors and AI?

Because they turned all of his content into a chatbot.

Essentially, they aimed to create a digital twin of Galloway using all of his writing, speaking engagements, and hundreds of hours of podcasts and videos.

And it is available to anyone:

Go ahead, chat with Scott, ask for advice, and delve deeper into his position on men in today’s world.

And you will discover how you can also chat with him on touchy and deeper issues that he has to heart. See below.

For every question, you will get an answer from “Scott”.

Is it perfect? No.

It is worth checking out? Yes.

You can learn more about how they did it, why they did it and the tools they used by listening on this episode of the Prof G Pod:

What does this mean for brands?

What if your brand could transform its expertise and content into a chatbot available to internal stakeholders (support, client services) or even external audiences (customers, prospects, etc.)?

What Prof G Media did is build this chatbot on top of a LLM (they chose OpenAI’s GPT3.5 in the end), feeding it with as much content as possible from Scott Galloway’s years of contributions (they used Spirito AI’s platform).

What if you could consolidate your knowledge, spread to all these platforms, formats and types, into one easily digestible way of accessing it?

This is the type of use case one of our clients, COVEO, has been a pioneer in with their GenerativeAI platform.

This is what many brands are contemplating about when exploring what AI can achieve from a content perspective.

Want to discuss this further? Reach out to the team at Toast; we’re keeping ourselves on the edges of the latest news to help brands like yours navigate the Content+AI landscape.