We all marvel at what our competitors are doing, the content they put out, the best practices we see in the industry, but actually making content happen, behind the scenes, can be hard.

Finding the right talent, managing not only an editorial calendar but also a production calendar, getting that content out there to be read, watched and listened to, collecting data, etc.

We all wish it was easy, that we could just call a content creator, have her interview our internal subject matter expert within a few days and send us content that just outperforms anything our corporate nemesis puts out (we all have one right? That competitor that we just want to beat at the finish line).

So let’s just put it out there.

It is never as easy as we would like.

But it is worth it.

It is a strategic asset to the organization.

It takes time but when done right, it brings value to the brand, yes, but also to your audiences.

Building the right internal team. Having the right external partners. Making everyone work together towards a clear goal (you have a clear content mission, right?).

Content leaders that are able to differentiate themselves from the pack say that there are three elements that allow them to do so:

  1. They produce higher quality content (hard)
  2. They cover stories that their competitors don’t (also hard in a crowded market)
  3. They actively promote their content (never easy)

It looks so easy from the outside, with that great video series, or long-form article with gorgeous infographics, but it takes effort.

And this is the reason we must all act consciously when producing content. There is already a lot out there, and it is our responsibility to build and maintain trust with our audiences, that we are not only pushing our content “because it is Thursday and we must send a newsletter“, but because it is content worth their time and attention (and knowing when to just not publish content).

Good news! Content teams have experience, strengths and great thinking caps.

Go on content leaders, content marketers, content teams, we got this.