How both parties feel they have all to waste in the branded content arena.

On April 5th and 6th 2014 was held the annual MIPCOM, the “deal-making event for documentary co-financing and co-production, as well as the world’s only factual content library.”

In short, the conference entirely based on telling true stories. These are documentaries, news, etc.

As so many see the advertising and factual fields on a collision course, this year’s edition was bound to be very interesting.

And one of this year’s session had a very conclusive conclusion: “Brands, producers ‘must compromise’”

This week’s article tells just how “filmmakers are concerned that their films are going to be completely destroyed […]” and brands “are concerned that if they step away from TV commercials they are not going to see the return on investment”.

A short, yet worthy read, that’s for sure. Based on the harsh reality and experience of branded content.