Too many Toast clients arrive with big needs, big ideas and a budget that may seem just as big.

But when you put it all together (the ideas and the objectives), you sometimes end up with a solution that puts FAR too much into production, leaving too little for the activation of that content.

That’s why we often bring the 30-70 concept to the table.

30% production, 70% activation.

The final project is rarely an exact reflection of this ratio, but this idea sets the table for the importance of thinking about publication, distribution and amplification.

That’s where the results really are.

“Yes, but Alex, in your image there’s a little darker part!”

That’s the importance, when thinking about production, of knowing the audience, your target, its needs and expectations. A little 5% of effort is never too much.

Brands often to us with content production needs, but in the end we’ll very often have a little content strategy conversation.

“Yes, but Alex it’s the image of a pyramid, not your ratio thing!”

True, the geek in me loves this image and I like to use it in many different ways. 😉