Content managers regularly ask themselves the what’s and the how’s of their content production. What should they produce and how?

Although many of them wonder how they could produce more, there is also a good proportion that is looking to optimize their current operations.

In an article we had published on scaling the production of content, we had shown how it can be extremely beneficial and can greatly help a brand make a bigger impact on its audiences, there are caveats to be considered. It is not easy and can have an impact on your team, the quality of the output, and your results.

But getting bigger and better results do not necessarily need to involve producing more. It can actually mean producing less and making sure that what you are publishing out there generates the types of results you are looking for. Whether you are looking to inform, entertain or inspire, a great premium content asset can sometimes do the job better than a large number of smaller productions of lesser quality or creativity. Brand documentaries are great examples of this.

Small or big, that is not the only question! You MUST also consider the shelf life of your content. Should it be a timed piece that will be relevant for just a few days or weeks? Or is there a possibility to invest in a more evergreen content approach that you will be able to amortize and leverage through time?

No matter how you tackle this reflection on content production, one must make sure to look at it holistically. Even though your mind might be racing, thinking about the latest production process or format, never underestimate the importance of distribution of this content. No results come from just producing, it pretty much all comes down to how you exploit this content (distribution, publication and amplification).

Your brand has stories to tell. Gather them, shape them and tell them. You audience deserves to discover them.