You brand should target the smallest audience possible.

In the world of startups, you might have heard the expression “minimum viable product”.

This concept pushes a company to market its product as fast as possible, even if it doesn’t yet have all the desired functionalities, but a product that will allow it to test the market, evaluate the potential of the idea, in a really pragmatic manner.

What would this concept look like if it was applied to content marketing?

Minimum. Viable. Audience.

If we apply the same notions to our discipline, a brand must concentrate on its own audience, but an audience as clear as possible, precise, that will also generate revenue.

The smallest possible audience.

I often talk about the importance of targeting the right audience, to adapt your content to it.

So what is the smallest possible audience that would allow your brand to survive?

Who should it reach at a minimum?

By defining as precisely as possible your audience, you will, of course, have to make concessions on certain segments of the population but don’t worry, they will most surely be very interested in what you will be publishing.

But one thing is sure, you messaging will be clear. It will also be easy to produce as you will not have to consider all sorts of variations in the knowledge of your product, your market, the seniority of your readers, etc.

If this interests you, you should read this article by Seth Godin, the king of short articles.

Take the time to reflect on your own minimum viable audience, and if you’d like to define it in depth, contact one of us at Toast today.