In the past decade, podcasting and audio content have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and reach. No longer a secret, these platforms have become essential tools in every marketer’s arsenal, opening doors to previously untapped audiences. Our experienced audio production teams are well-equipped to craft your next podcast series, ensuring it reaches the most relevant and engaged listeners. Embrace the potential of audio content to connect with your audience on a whole new level and elevate your brand’s impact.

Experienced creators and crews

From interview-style productions to full-fledged fiction podcasts, our creators and teams have the expertise to bring the best to your audience’s ears. Our team structure allows you to have access to experienced producers, while making sure you also have a skillfull, custom-built production team specifically chosen for your mandate.

Support with deployment and distribution

Producing the podcast is one thing. Making sure it is discovered and touches as many listeners as possible is another ballgame. Our team can assist with the deployment and distribution of your series, making sure you appear on the right platforms and channels.

Capacity to create video podcasts

More and more, we see the relevance to not only create audio experiences, but audiovisual experiences, with video platforms like YouTube now also used to distribute podcasts and audio content. We have expertise in producing such experiences and our production teams can assist you in making the decision to go (or not) with video versions of your podcast series.

Strategic support based on your business objectives

Working with the production team at Toast does not only give you access to the best creative minds and technical talent, it also gives you access to the content strategy team, a group of exceptional individuals who can work with you in making sure that your podcasting project is perfectly aligned with the business objectives you set forward in your content program.


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