Giving seniors a voice in the fight against agism.

Every year in autumn, Groupe Maurice highlights its social involvement and its advocacy against agism on Seniors’ Day. With this in mind, the team called on our experts to produce a new series of podcasts to complement the various initiatives deployed by the brand.

Hosted by Luc Maurice, each episode brings together, around a microphone, a senior and an expert to discuss topics or issues that concern seniors. The aim of this initiative is to give an authentic forum to retired people, who are unfortunately under-represented in traditional media. To find solutions, why not listen to their ideas?


Le Groupe Maurice


Podcast and audio production

An evergreen approach over more than one year

An important element from the outset, brought to the table by our strategists, was the notion that the series had to be as evergreen as possible. Thus, the search for contributors, the topics addressed and the production approach should enable the episodes to live on for more than a year and remain relevant over time.

This strategy became key to the roll-out approach for Seniors’ Day the following year: it was possible to amortize the production of Season 1 by adding a few episodes on themes that had become important over the previous 12 months. The brand thus ends up with a podcast series that has scale, while maximizing and optimizing investments year after year.

“Denouncing ageism serves not only to defend the rights of older people, but above all to ensure that they can take responsibility for themselves, take the place they deserve and contribute to society as they wish”, says Rita Kataroyan, Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Groupe Maurice.

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