The Canada Media Fund (CMF), through their Made | Nous initiative, approached us with a significant challenge within the landscape of Quebec and Canadian content. Despite the rich diversity of local talent across various mediums such as film, television, video games, and immersive media, it was clear that their work lacked visibility and recognition compared to popular content from elsewhere, notably the United States.

Aware of the immense potential of these stories, they sought our expertise to shed light on these creators and their content by crafting an original content strategy for their newly implemented Ambassador program as well as becoming their ongoing production partner. The goal was clear: to allow Quebecers and Canadians to discover a multitude of content that had previously gone unnoticed.

Made | Nous at CineQuebec

Shining the spotlight on local content

To kick off our collaboration, we crafted a comprehensive content strategy for their new Ambassador program, which included:

  • An audit of their existing content strategy and the development of a complementary strategy specifically dedicated to their ambassadors.
  • An analysis of comparable and inspiring brands that aggregate and promote content, including Crave, Netflix, etc., to identify exploitable and unique opportunities.
  • Defining three content pillars for their ambassadors and creating a wide range of content series to inspire them to produce original and creative content.
  • Providing guidelines and best practices to ensure successful content deployment, taking into account the specificities of each social platform and their unique treatment.
  • Developing a content sharing process to enable ambassadors to create and submit content smoothly for approval.
  • Developing community management guidelines adapted to the reality of 2024, including video responses and “stitching” to enrich existing content.

Discover the outcome of our strategy through the content generated by Made | Nous ambassadors:

Lights, camera, action!

As production partners, we provide ongoing assistance to meet their varied production needs. This includes content design, production, providing the right creative resources (directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, etc.), and editing the content shot by their teams or contacts.

Our collaborative approach emphasizes agility and flexibility, ensuring that we adapt to the evolving needs and opportunities that arise. Our team remains readily available to explore creative solutions and address any unforeseen obstacles, allowing us to maintain seamless production workflows and deliver high-quality content rapidly and on schedule.

This aspect of our collaboration continues to evolve to this day, and we are in close collaboration with their team to provide the right services to meet the diverse production needs.

Since the beginning of the partnership, we have produced or assisted in the production of dozens of deliverables for social media, with several shoots planned in the coming months.

To view a selection of the content produced: Made | Nous Content

Acting as a partner and not a service provider

Our collaboration extends beyond the initial implementation phase, as we remain dedicated to ensuring sustained success of the strategy for the roster of Ambassadors, and the Made | Nous team as well.

Through regular consultations and strategic reviews, we work closely to refine their content strategy, optimize performance, and identify new opportunities for growth. Our holistic approach to strategic support enables Made | Nous to adapt and evolve in response to changing audience needs and market dynamics, ensuring their continued success in amplifying the voices of Quebec and Canadian content and creators.

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