For a greater role for women in the technology sector.

In an initiative by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, Toast Studio was commissioned to produce an awareness and mobilization video campaign featuring the experiences and impressions of ambassadors of the #FemmesEnTech / #WomenInTech movement.

The aim of this content is to encourage more young women to choose a career in the technology sector and realize their full potential.




Video production and brand storytelling

The objective: encourage young women to consider one of the many careers in the technology sector.

“Montréal is known for its diversity and large talent pool,” said Cédric Orvoine, Vice-President, Human Resources and Communications, for Ubisoft Montréal. “And yet, women are still under-represented in high tech. We need to build more awareness as a society to ensure they have a greater presence in the industry and motivate more young women to study in technology fields. The participation of our three Ubisoft Women in Tech ambassadors will show younger generations the variety of careers in technology.”

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