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Many organizations, large and small, are wondering how best to structure their in-house content operations.

  • Should responsibilities be distributed across teams?
  • Should there be a centralized content team?
  • Is expertise well communicated and utilized across all the content initiatives the brand deploys?

This was the context in which Sun Life Canada approached the team at Toast.

Creating exceptional content experiences for customers and stakeholders was already part of the content team’s vision at Sun Life Canada, the question now was to explore ways to maximize the productivity and efficiency of content production, and to do so across the country.

Their objectives?

  • To save teams time by avoiding, for example, starting from scratch when content exists that could be adapted or updated.
  • Better exploit insights and best practices to fuel content practice.
  • Share knowledge internally about what works and what doesn’t.

The Toast team thus developed and documented a structure aimed at aligning the organization’s presence across its digital properties with the content pillars and strategic objectives as a whole.

This governance structure, which became the Content Center of Excellence, has a mandate to drive content initiatives, content prioritization, content innovation and content standards.

A task force was set up at the customer’s site to work with and serve teams across the various business units on:

  • Content promotion, marketing and internal activation;
  • Content governance (processes, teams and tools);
  • Content production.

Drawing on best practices and our experience in change management, a phased deployment schedule was then established to ensure that the implementation of the new model made sense from an operational point of view, but also in consideration of the ability of Sun Life Canada teams to allocate the appropriate time to adopt a new operating model.

“The Toast team immediately grasped the essence and scope of the mandate they were given. Their expertise, patience, sense of humour and ability to synthesize are invaluable assets.”

Andrée-Anne Guénette, Manager, Content Marketing Strategy | Client Experience Office (CXO).

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