A tailor-made collaboration

In our collaboration with Mirage, a leading manufacturer in high-end hardwood flooring, we addressed three pivotal areas: refining their social media content strategy for their consumer brand in a thorough and practical manner, crafting a compelling employer brand narrative, and providing ongoing support to ensure seamless execution.

You could say that we worked from the ground up in order to build tailored solutions to propel Mirage towards content excellence.




Content Strategy and operations

Redesigning an approach to content

With the brand’s transition from Boa-Franc to Mirage, it was crucial to align their content to better connect with their audience. Our objectives were straightforward: enhance revenue from conversions, broaden content reach, and strengthen engagement. To begin, we conducted a detailed content audit of their social platforms, to ensure that their approach to content adequately reached their six distinct audience segments, from residential designers to at-home DIYers, on the most appropriate platforms.

The result was a well-rounded plan targeting five key channels – Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Facebook groups – tailored to six diverse audience segments. This was executed across three central content pillars complemented by seven supporting content series. We provided their content teams with practical knowledge, introducing concepts like the RRR content framework, the hero-hub-help production approach, and refining the brand’s voice and tone through interactive workshops. We also offered insights into content amplification through strategic media buying.

With this newly established content strategy, Mirage was able to take a step back and see the bigger picture when it came to communicating with their audience.

Crafting an employer brand around a community

In tandem with refining their consumer-oriented content strategy, Mirage recognized the pivotal importance of establishing a robust and coherent content strategy for their employer brand. Situated as a cornerstone employer in the Beauce region, Mirage aimed to solidify their position as the premier choice for local talent. Simultaneously, as an international brand with an extensive sales force, Mirage needed to resonate across a wide-reaching spectrum. Our collaboration focused on three key objectives.

Firstly, we tackled the challenge of enhancing recruitment performance, targeting a specific region with its own unique public perceptions and potential applicant pool. Additionally, we emphasized the need to foster a deeper connection between employer and employee, ensuring that the communication strategy went beyond mere attraction and celebrated the contributions of Mirage’s existing workforce. Furthermore, with a recent rebranding initiative, it was imperative to communicate the newly established brand clearly and consistently, garnering understanding and acceptance from the local community, employees, and prospective applicants.

Our approach extended beyond potential applicants, encompassing the diverse realities of Mirage’s workforce: from office-based staff to factory workers and a mobile sales force. We crafted a streamlined content strategy, realigning their use of social platforms and defining distinct roles for each. We also offered valuable insights into the HR landscape and online recruitment landscape for 2023 and beyond. We then provided a detailed roadmap with three central content pillars and six supporting content series to propel their employer brand forward. Finally, we offered technical support to ensure their job application touchpoints met modern standards, allowing for seamless content enhancement and adaptation in the future.

Going beyond the intial deliverables

Following the delivery of both content strategies, we remained steadfast in our commitment to Mirage. Through regular content sessions, we collaborated closely with their team to review upcoming content plans, ensuring they were finely tuned to meet our jointly established objectives. These sessions served as a platform for open dialogue, welcoming queries ranging from technical nuances to broader strategic considerations.

Witnessing the tangible progress and the team’s growing proficiency was immensely fulfilling for us as content strategists and producers. Our aim was clear: to equip Mirage with the knowledge and skills they needed for self-sufficiency. We firmly believe in the adage of teaching a team to fish rather than fishing for them, and these sessions exemplified that philosophy in action. The evolving capabilities of the team from session to session underscored the success of this collaborative approach.

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