A concept with and for Quebecers.

We were mandated by GURU Energy to boost brand awareness on social media with a web series entitled “Challenge Bonne Énergie au Naturel“. Hosted by Stevens Dorcelus and Robin Messier, this four-episode webseries features playful, interactive challenges with Quebec public figures.

The ultimate goal of this campaign was to design, produce and deploy a web series focused on raising awareness of the GURU Energy brand on the web and social media. The content series was primarily produced organically on their social platforms, and amplified through partnerships with local influencers for a campaign packed with impact and authenticity. The web series aims to infuse energy, joy and vitality into everyday life, while creating an immersive and engaging experience.

“The Toast team supported us in the development of the strategy, the campaign and the realization of unique challenges. We’re convinced that this content series will help strengthen our close ties with our community.”

Carl Goyette, President and CEO at GURU.

An energizing back-to-school web series

With summer in full swing, the GURU team approached us to embark with them on a project, one to help their community cope with the coming back-to-school season and the responsibilities that come with it. How to prolong the lightness and energy of the summer season?

That’s where GURU’s #ChallengeBonneÉnergie series comes in. Via four “Bonne Énergie au Naturel” Challenges, 2 well-known Quebec personalities, Stevens Dorcelus and Robin Messier, took on fun, exciting and interactive challenges, featuring other familiar faces from Quebec. For 8 weeks, their mission was to bring a little energy, joy and vitality back to the GURU community. The tone of the series was one of team spirit, positivity and determination.

The Natural Good Energy Challenges weren’t just for the hosts and their guests. The GURU community, as well as the communities of the two team captains, were invited to take part in the online challenges, with the chance of winning prizes, too. In addition, Internet users could visit selected retail stores across Canada and scan the QR code for their chance to fly to Toronto. They were also encouraged to share the positive energy with the hashtag #ChallengeBonneÉnergie on their social networks.

We’re very grateful to GURU for approaching us to help them bring this great concept to life. Their team had the guts and perfect timing to continue animating their community in the most organic and spontaneous way possible, taking advantage of the strong social fabric of this audience. We’re very proud to have been able to collaborate with this local brand, for local people.

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