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When Air Transat approached us, the brand was on the cusp of an exciting positioning shift. Its existing content strategy was sound in theory, but the organization sought our expertise to make it tangible and seamlessly executable for its team. Together, we delved into a series of workshops, meticulously examining every facet of their content strategy.

Through this collaborative effort, we honed the team’s approach for social media, fine-tuned the blog content, and optimized partnership initiatives. Our partnership was a catalyst for refining content, processes, and workflows at Air Transat, setting the stage for a dynamic new chapter.


Air Transat


Content Strategy and operations

Tailored Workshops, Tangible Strategies

In our collaborative journey with Air Transat, we recognized the pivotal role of open dialogue. Through a series of meticulously tailored workshops, we delved deep into candid discussions that shed light on the challenges they were facing. These sessions became a forum for dissecting the content strategy, unearthing governance hurdles both within the team and across various departments, and formulating solutions.

One of the unique aspects of our approach was to ensure that each workshop yielded not just insights but actionable takeaways. We understood that knowledge alone was insufficient; it needed to be translated into tangible strategies. To achieve this, we crafted one-page deliverables that encapsulated the essence of our discussions. These concise documents became roadmaps, guiding Air Transat on its journey to refine and enhance its content strategy, thereby aligning it with its evolving goals.

Navigating Content Efficiency at 30,000 Feet

Our collaboration with Air Transat extended beyond the confines of its existing content strategy. We aimed to broaden the team’s perspective on content creation and management. By encouraging it to take a step back and invest time in thorough content planning, we unveiled a world of hidden efficiency in production.

Embracing a holistic view of the global content calendar could be a transformative step forward. By strategically deploying assets, there’s potential for each piece of content to amplify its impact significantly. This forward-thinking approach has the promise to not only save valuable time and resources but also lays the foundation for a more integrated and synergistic content strategy. Implementing this strategy may lead to a more streamlined and efficient content production process, ultimately enhancing content effectiveness.

Moreover, we explored the various ways in which different teams within the organization could leverage content. This interdepartmental collaboration not only allows for the streamlining of content creation but also opens new avenues for repurposing and reimagining content, creating a virtuous cycle of efficiency and impact.

Charting New Courses: Blog & SEO Evolution

With the imminent change in its blog’s domain, Air Transat had a golden opportunity to rethink its blog and SEO strategies. We took on the task of guiding the concerned team members through this pivotal transition.

At the heart of our strategy was the introduction of ‘topic clusters’ and ‘priority destinations’. We showed how this approach could greatly improve the content creation process. By identifying key destination groups and organizing content, we offered a blueprint that could be applied to similar locations.

In addition, we emphasized the critical importance of understanding search intentions. By delving into how its audiences search for content, Air Transat could craft content that aligns seamlessly with their needs and preferences.

This shift in strategy not only expanded the depth and breadth of the blog content but also strengthened SEO efforts. It ensured that the team’s content would resonate strongly with the target audience, improving search rankings. This comprehensive approach to blog content not only boosted Air Transat’s online presence but also cemented its position as a reliable source for travel enthusiasts. This, in turn, fostered deeper engagement and brand loyalty.

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